Travel Blogger Avoids Husband During Irene

Elizabeth Thorp, who runs the upscale vacation website Poshbrood and occasionally blogs about travel for HuffPostAOL, steered clear of her husband over the weekend. “Going to great lengths to avoid my husband,” Thorp wrote on Twitter. “After last NE storm — Hurricane Isabel — I was knocked up. #nomeansno #hurricanebabies”

She explained to FishbowlDC, “In September 2003, during Hurricane Isabel, apparently I was bored and agreed to marital relations. I had a 9-month-old at the time (named Isabelle, believe it or not). 9 months later little Lucy was born! I guarantee you there will be a baby boom in May due to Irene.”

To avoid another baby boom at her house, she and the girls filled the bathtub with water, got batteries and watched Justin Bieber. Thorp, meanwhile, stocked up on wine and began drinking at 4 p.m. “As you know, Irene was pretty unimpressive after all the hype, ” she said, explaining that they played board games, went for a walk in the rain, baked cookies, watched Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” — (rated G yet not a kids movie that will make you stick a fork in your eye!), then went to bed.

We imagine this time, solo.