Trade sho’ nuff: Bird loves mouse; S(h)mug looks; Haggis makes “Enemies”

Pixar‘s Brad Bird will next direct “Ratatouille,” about a mouse who lives in Paris. (This is ironic, because we hear Michael Eisner will next direct “Bob-a-booey” – about a mouse that lives in Burbank.)

Marc Shmuger might run Universal Pictures. The Hollywood Reporter says he’s “in talks” for the top job. Well, duh. The question is whether he’ll have to share power with Focus FeaturesDavid Linde. Clarity comes by the weekend.

Paul Haggis, freshly anointed by the Academy’s sages, may direct the widely-considered unadaptable Richard Clarke screed “Against All Enemies.” The book, which sold to Columbia Picturesalmost two years ago, details the total lack of perspicacity with which the Bush Administration prosecuted its hunt for Osama Bin Laden before and after the 9/11 attacks.

Queen “Elizabeth” 2: She’s not just a boat anymore.