Total Recruiting Symposium Coming Soon!

Recruiters and HR, take note: Shally Steckrl and colleagues are presenting the Total Recruiting Symposium 2010 National Tour, and if you want in, you may want to register by NEXT FRIDAY (eek!).

The Symposium will stop in four different cities: New York, Seattle, Boston, and Portland Maine, and cover tricks and sourcing strategies for recruiters who want to find top talent using the latest Web 2.0 tools.

Presenters include Don Ramer, Conni LaDouceur, and Shally Steckrl, who bills himself as the “world’s #1 Internet sourcing expert”—except with this guy, his dubious claim may actually be entirely correct. I mean, have you seen this guy’s stuff?

Disclaimer: We have no financial involvement with this conference or any of the speakers, but we really thought you’d be interested. The glowing praise is honest.

Full agenda after the jump…or if you’re interested in learning more, check out Steckrl’s blog.

1. Don Ramer kicks it off with analysis and conclusions from the first year of the Recruitment Genome Project, the largest and most ambitious longitudinal study that our industry has ever seen. It reveals the DNA of successful recruitment organizations, and brings to light important trends such as a growing need to focus on Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Social Networks and Internet Sourcing in addition to developing more effective job board advertising and direct candidate outreach programs. He will lead a discussion around these trends and provide expert guidance on which recruitment strategies and tactics
makes sense for the 2010 environment (and beyond).

2. Then the world’s #1 Internet sourcing expert, Shally Steckerl, in “Stop Wasting Time Online, Internet Research that Really Works” shows the top 10 most effective no/low cost online recruitment tools and techniques.This session will cut through the clutter and make you super-productive. Discover what really works, versus what’s just hype. In this intensive hands-on workshop, you will learn critical-sourcing survival skills to rapidly identify key talent online and recruit from all the Internet sources (search engines, social networks, etc.) without being overwhelmed, regardless of your budget. Have you searched your ATS, external resume databases, and posted your jobs, but the quality of the candidate pipeline is still lacking? See what the world’s top recruiters do next in this economy when they want to source productively against their tough
requisitions fast.

3. Then excelerate your Internet research with Telephone Research. A guru of this forgotten sourcing channel, Conni LaDouceur will show you how to correct identify the
talent and initiate contact with them effectively via proactive phone techniques. Conni will demonstrate the “how-to” of successful and ethical, telephone identification to make searches far less challenging. Not only will she help you identify which companies possess the best talent for a given role, but she will present the steps to identify, in organization chart form, the qualified talent your hiring managers most want to hire.

4. Finally, learn how to Initiate Contact with Passive Talent. Shally and Conni team up to demystify the “cold call” and teach you how to help break the ice, overcome the initial awkwardness and quickly build rapport with the prospect using time-tested, completely intuitive, persuasive communication techniques. We will discuss the “indirect/networking approach” that will turn a NO into referrals and eliminate the friction of recruiting from your competitors. Turning a prospect into an engaged, interested candidate is both art and a science. When do you make contact, and what do you say? Do you email, text, leave messages? When do you call back? You’ll utilize a detailed
roadmap that turns your list of qualified prospects into engaged candidates, *and* learn to craft compelling value proposition/recruitment messages that will increase email/voice mail response rates by 50%!