Top Tips

Our favorite anonymous tips from the past day:

  • “the monthly progressive happy hour hosted by brian komar, marc laitin, ben clark etc… at local 16 ran into a media happy hour with chris cillizza, other big whigs – the two mixed awkwardly”

  • “entertaining anecdote in the new Vogue (Nicole Kidman on the cover). A theater director recounts how as a child she would go over to her best friend Katharine Weymouth’s house and the two of them would belt out the song “Sodomy” from Hair.”

  • The Viva Chuck Todd folks just launched A downright hilarious send-up of Obama’s site with Chuck Todd as the dream candidate. The free-ecards and merchandise are more than enough reason to check it out. Did you guys know that all proceeds from their schwag sales go to Tim Russert’s favorite charities?

  • “At the Personal Democracy Forum earlier this week, Ben Smith happily admitted that he posts items with errors, but it’s not a problem because his readers will send him corrections.”

    >UPDATE: Smith writes in to contest the reader’s recollection. “I claim to have in fact said that one of the beauties of the
    blogosphere is that your readers don’t let you get away with the
    bullshit that you can get away with in print. As, for instance, in
    this case.”

  • “Here’s more Chuck Todd swag for you.”