Top Home Decorating Tips From Bret Baier

We first got a peek inside the Baier’s home in WaPo‘s Style section, and next up for Fox’s Bret Baier is Better Homes & Gardens. This mag’s blog features the “Special Report” anchor’s top decorating tips.

Bret’s Top Decorating Tips for Men (and Women):

1. Use your interests to your advantage. “I was in charge of the audio-visual stuff,” Bret says.

2. Take a specific interest in a room and put your stamp on it.

3. Know when to pipe up. “My wife narrowed down the options to two or three,” Bret says, “Which is good for guys. We can make decisions as long as there aren’t too many variables.”

4. Know when to shut up.

5. Enjoy it! “You’ll be surprised how much closer you get when you go through the process together,” Bret says.

Now before you start to think this Fox newsman is too in touch with his feminine side, he’s quick to point out his favorite part of the house is his room’s full bar. “It’s the kind of place a guy would want to hang out with a glass of scotch and a cigar — well if we allowed smoking in the house,” he tells Better Homes & Gardens.