Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube And Instagram – We All Love Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s your favourite app?

If you’re anything like 22 percent of smartphone owners, it’s the official Twitter app that’s amongst the most-used applications on your device, alongside Google Maps (54 percent), Facebook (44 percent) and YouTube (35 percent).

Google+ (an eyebrow-raising 30 percent), Skype (22 percent), Facebook Messenger (22 percent) and Instagram (11 percent) are also extremely popular around the globe. Indeed, the growth of apps is so astonishing that some $25 billion of ad revenue from the global app market is projected this year, up 62 percent from 2012.

This infographic from takes a closer look at some amazing statistics from the world of apps.

(Source: Social media apps imageJason Howie via Flickr.)