Top 6 Ways to Have fun on Twitter this Christmas

If Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, & Future, he will likely be shown 3 scenarios that highlight the way he wastes every Christmas – Tweeting his brains out.

So don’t feel so bad if you spend your holidays with the ol’ 140 Characters, on Twitter. You’re not the only one…

If you are lonely; or, if your family is intolerable; or if you are a Twitter junkie, we have created a list of 6 ways to make your holiday experience on Twitter more fantastic:

1. “Hashtag Mistletoe”
Create a mistletoe hashtag. And demand that your followers send you a virtual kiss. Type the following: “#MISTLETOE If you read this Tweet you owe me a Twitter kiss”.

It is a great way to make yourself feel warm and toasty inside when your receive that cyber-smootch. …even if it is from some weirdo who is following you just so he can advertise his lame blog.

2. “Track Santa”
Follow @noradsanta and get updates on where Santa is located, in real time! He Tweets from each country that he visits, on Christmas Eve.

A part of me believes that this is the real Santa. …the part of me that can’t get a girlfriend.

3. “Send Some Love to the Lonely”
In the search bar, type, “alone on Christmas” and scroll through the feed. Look carefully; and you will find fellow Tweeters who will be all alone over the Holidays. Why not toss them a “Happy Holidays”? They may think you’re a spammer. But hey, you may end up contacting that one heartbroken person who has lost all hope. And you will brighten their Christmas. Don’t be a Grinch. Do it!

4. “Make top-10 favorite/worst lists”
Take over your followers’ Timeline with lists of your top-10 favorite (& least-favorite) Christmas movies, Christmas songs, and past Christmas gifts.

5. “Send a Tweet to Jesus”
Say, “Happy birthday @Jesus”. Even if you’re not religious, your followers will probably grow a giant smile when reading this Tweet. And they will congratulate you on being so clever.

6. “Mention Every Follower, Individually”
Take a moment to write a personal “Happy Holidays” message to every person who follows you. Make it personal so that it is meaningful. Do not simply copy-&-paste the same message to everyone. If you have a billion-jillion-gazillion followers, (I’m looking at you Bieber!) take half an hour; and Tweet a thoughtful message to as many Twit-Folk as possible.

You will feel like you just swallowed a boiling hot cup of Holiday Cheer. (And it will leave blisters of JOY on the roof of your mouth.)