Top 25 MySpace Games for October 2010

While Facebook’s Top 25 may have seen some losses, MySpace continues its safe and steady growth for its top games, even as it tries to introduce more game-focused features. Even with last month’s expansion to include some of the social network’s game-like applications, the user losses are minimal with only three seeing a negative monthly change. This month’s list also makes room for a newcomer as we incorporate Slide’s long running app, SuperPoke!

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for October 2010:

  • Playdom’s #1 MySpace game, Mobsters sees relatively decent growth this month with a gain of 89,440 new users.
  • Mafia Wars, from Zynga, sees growth too of around 19,000 users, marking a distinct contrast to its Facebook counterpart, which lost over 8.2 million MAU.
  • BitRhymes makes significant growth this time around with Tag Me. Coming in at #5, the classic app is currently earning around 8.3 million users.
  • While the middle ranges of the top 25 have remained uneventful, Oxylabs’ title, What is your Street Reputation, moves up again this month. Rising from #17 to #15, the application gains just under 200,000 new users.
  • Towards the end of the charts comes racing RPGs, Overdrive and Speed Racing. Appearing at #21 and #22, the Playdom and RockYou titles earn around 2.7 and 2.6 million users respectively.
  • Lastly, Slide’s long-running app SuperPoke! makes its way on to our list as we continue to expand the breadth of MySpace applications being tracked each month. The title, currently, is earning just under 2 million users.
  • As for the three titles losing numbers, they are Own Your Friends, Truth Box, and Street Racing. They come in at #4, #6, and #12 respectively.