Top 25 MySpace Games for December 8, 2008

The MySpace social gaming world was a little more stable this month than with its Facebook counterpart. While none of the applications saw a decline in users, none of them broke the 1 million mark in new users like many of their Facebook brethren. Moreover, MySpace has displayed a rather different trend in the genre of games making the Top 25 – as most of them are RPGs with about a third of them belonging to Zynga.

  • The top three games this month have held on pretty solidly, consisting of Mobsters, Mafia Wars, and Own Your Friends, with the #1, #2, and #3 positions. Surprisingly, the unknown developer of Mobsters, known simply as “The Godfather,” still continues to lead the competition with its Mob Wars-like title. This merely goes to show that you don’t have to be Zynga, Playfish, or SGN to make a hit game – but from what we hear, “The Godfather” is focused on what they’re doing and hiring out a team.
  • Despite the fact that there are significantly more unknown developers for MySpace games than on Facebook, Zynga’s RPGs still continue to envelop the Top 25 with about eight (10 if you count the ones labeled “By Christina”) titles. Furthermore, each of these titles has grown and risen in the ranks over time – such as Street Racing that was once #17 back in September, yet is now #8 two months later with nearly 2.5 million players.
  • The classic Werewolves and Zombies from Blake Commagere are no longer to be found as they continue to lose ranking, only to be replaced by some newer titles such as Prison Lockdown, Dog World, and My Green Garden.
  • Also, Special Forces and Fashion Wars continue to do well since their appearance last month on the charts, and sit pretty at #18 and #20 positions respectively.

Overall, the major titles have stuck around in the Top 25 for a while and while their ranking tends to fluctuate, it is never anything too unexpected. This applies particularly to anything by Zynga, which has had several titles steadily in the top 25 for months now.

On the other hand, the lower ranks continue to shift to some degree as new apps by unknown developers surface each month. While none of these new apps have breached the Top 10 and usurped the reigning kings, the opportunity still awaits!