Top 25 MySpace Games for March 2011

After the loss of top executives and the laying off of nearly half its workforce, News Corp.-owned MySpace is looking for a new home. Though official talks have not yet taken place — these are stated to be scheduled for the second week of March — News Corp. has already noted at least 20 parties interested in the social network. As far as how this will affect the various social games on the platform is anyone’s guess, but in the interim, they titles of the top 25 have at least stabilized since last month.

The developer platform, meanwhile, has not seen much changes — MySpace reports total users so declines would not show up here.

Two months ago, we noted the removal of many RockYou titles, with last month hosting the removal of its last remaining app, Speed Racing. On that same note, Zynga’s Street Racing was also noted as having been shut down (service had closed late last year, even though the game could still be found in the MySpace app gallery). That in mind, the top 25 for March contains, for the first time in a few months, all the same apps it did before.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for March, 2011:

  • Playdom sees a gain of 22,044  new installs for Mobsters this month. Staying at #1, it is, as one would expect, followed by Mafia Wars with a gain of 3,354. Each titles’ total users tallies in at around 15.1 million and 13.4 million users respectively.
  • Tag Me, from BitRhymes, grows slightly with approximately 11,000 new installations. The game earns about 8.5 million users in total.
  • Slide keeps its presence known on MySpace with SuperPoke Pets at #8. While the company’s Facebook presence has faltered over the years, this title still earns over 7.1 million total users on MySpace.
  • Oxylabs grows further with What is your Street Reputation, pulling in 19,711 new installations this month.
  • WSOP Poker, from Playdom comes in at #14 with a small gain of just over 4,000 installs. Its total user base tallies in just shy of 3.5 million.
  • Playfish sneaks in its title Pet Society into the top 25 at #23. The long running game is significantly smaller than its Facebook counterpart, hosting around 1.5 million total users.
  • Ending the list at #25 is Zynga with the older app, Friend Factory. The title’s user count totals 1,457,789.