Top 25 Facebook Pages January 2013

The list of most popular pages on Facebook in January 2013 doesn’t look too different from September 2012 when we last covered the PageData Top 25.

The No. 1 and No. 2 spots are still held by Facebook’s own company pages. Facebook for Every Phone is the official page for Facebook’s feature phone app. All of the other pages in the top 25 appeared on the list in September, except for MTV, which sits at No. 23. Zynga’s FarmVille, which formerly had the No. 23 position, has fallen out of the top 25 completely after losing more than 850,000 fans.

The rest of the list is mostly the same, apart from a few shifts. YouTube displaced Texas HoldEm Poker for the No. 3 spot. Rihanna overtook Eminem to become the most popular individual on Facebook, with the popstar’s page now No. 5 overall.

Coca-Cola moved up from No. 11 to No. 9. Harry Potter jumped ahead of Michael Jackson to No. 11. Katy Perry surpassed Justin Bieber and Family Guy.

Leo Messi moved ahead of Disney, putting the entertainment company at No. 25 to close out our list. See more popular pages and browse by category by visiting PageData.

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1   Facebook for Every Phone180,921,383+469,589+3,276,196
2   Facebook83,971,033+53,531+398,153
3   YouTube67,622,044+38,055+302,596
4   Texas HoldEm Poker67,613,845+19,246+155,736
5   Rihanna64,705,327+34,669+257,061
6   Eminem64,409,277+32,227+232,372
7   The Simpsons58,725,967+38,258+282,408
8   Shakira58,469,206+37,766+258,027
9   Coca-Cola56,837,442+26,372+225,694
10   Lady Gaga54,640,788+17,095+112,966
11   Harry Potter54,618,525+39,887+286,237
12   Michael Jackson54,426,669+24,634+185,626
13   Cristiano Ronaldo52,497,157+22,014+170,968
14   Katy Perry49,996,060+24,391+171,164
15   Justin Bieber49,853,705+25,090+608,923
16   Family Guy49,678,695+19,550+140,637
17   Linkin Park48,105,209+27,109+206,619
18   AKON43,863,229+22,380+161,217
19   South Park43,105,109+11,472+99,659
20   Lil Wayne42,006,639+19,780+131,180
21   Bob Marley41,312,934+10,224+86,968
22   Beyoncé40,863,037+24,313+174,412
23   MTV40,796,905+37,165+270,802
24   Leo Messi40,751,999+28,053+211,519
25   Disney40,295,870+30,917+216,510

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