Top 25 Facebook Games for September 24, 2008

We have just compiled the latest numbers and here are the Facebook gaming charts for September 24, 2008.

Playfish’s Pet Society – recently launched in beta – makes its debut on the list at #12 this month. It looks like the company has another hit on its hands with its fourth title. Playfish continues to dominate the Facebook gaming charts with four spots in Facebook’s top 12.

Meanwhile, Lil Green Patch, Texas HoldEm, Owned!, and Friends For Sale continue to sit atop the charts. Holding strong are Zynga and SGN, each with multiple titles in the top 25. SGN’s newly acquired (fluff)Friends is hanging tough at #22, and Zynga’s newly acquired YoVille is showing staying power at #10.

Meanwhile, Blake Commagere’s Vampires, one of the oldest games on the Facebook Platform, is holding strong at #25. The game continues to attract hundreds of thousands of players each month, despite much early criticism.

As Facebook completes its migration to the redesigned version of the site, Inside Social Games will be monitoring the impact of the changes to the most popular games on the Facebook Platform.

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