Top 20 Up and Coming Facebook Apps: Playfish’s Quiztastic Surges, And More

Based on growth over the past seven days, AppData’s top 20 up-and-coming applications for this week include a broader variety than usual. Many are simple applications, like number one on the list, “What will happen tomorrow with you?” It’s a strange sort of questionnaire, that at every turn blends questions in with quiz ads, or asks users to spread the app by inviting their friends or posting about it on their walls.

Top Gainers This Week (100K-1M MAU)
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, % Developer
1.What will happen tomorrow with you?929,844+812,611+693.2
2.Animal Hunter210,223+210,223+0.0
4.Chakpak Movies769,682+186,749+32.0Chakpak Media
5.O-Meter App Factory334,161+181,062+118.33happybytes
6.Birthday Countdown509,206+152,299+42.7Internet Design Zone
7.QUE CLASE DE MAMA ERES218,093+108,932+99.8Clara Carolina Martinez Junge
8.Promotions720,989+108,450+17.7Wildfire Interactive, Inc.
9.What do they say about me?499,691+90,647+22.23happybytes
10.World War II277,944+73,416+35.9CrowdStar
12.Hari Raya Cards378,596+68,199+22.0
13.SocialVibe167,546+67,346+67.2SocialVibe Inc.
14.Photo Books308,969+63,836+26.02pad
15.How Sexy Is Your Name Calculator269,064+61,826+29.8Internet Design Zone
16.Tetris Friends667,232+56,980+9.3Tetris Online, Inc
17.Baby Adopter292,462+56,186+23.8x2line
18.Pirates of the World834,525+53,833+6.9
19.Dailymotion Videos479,628+53,397+12.5Dailymotion
20.World Poker801,651+50,047+6.76 waves

It managed to gain 813,000 users in the last week to reach 930,000 monthly active users total; we’ll see how long it keeps growing. More credible is number two on the list, Animal Hunter. It’s a simple game that lets you “hunt” animal icons in a small grid. It grew by by 210,000 users in the past week — its entire growth, although the likely explanation is that we just started tracking it.


At number three, meanwhile, is Playfish’s Quiztastic, a quiz game that had gotten off to a slow start when it launched towards the end of August. It had less than 60,000 users as of September 7th, but grew 189,000 this past week to come in at 682,000. Playfish has no doubt been fine-tuning the game dynamics and cross-promoting it with its more popular apps — whatever is going on, things are looking up.

And, as usual, we’re continuing to see strong performances among international app developers. Argentinian developer 3happybytes has a couple apps on the list, there’s a new Indian movie-fan app called Chakpak movies, and a poker game from Hong Kong developer 6 Waves.