Top 20 Breakout Facebook Apps for February 18, 2009

Many new applications are showing up this week that are growing quickly on the Facebook Platform.

Here’s the current list of Top 20 fastest-growing mid-sized applications on Facebook from AppData. These are the top apps in the 100K-1M monthly active user range with the most growth in the last week.

Name MAU Gain Gain, % Developer
1.Cool Animated Gifts192,045+103,444+116.8
2.Manda un Beso Sexy!! Besame!311,148+162,301+109.0Product Madness
3.I Love Chocolate236,059+120,487+104.3Friend2Friend, Inc.
4.Send Love Hearts189,231+85,968+83.3Martin Wee
5.Collect Sweet251,992+112,899+81.2
6.Send Good Karma101,217+37,008+57.6
7.Send “Willow Tree” Angels119,375+42,851+56.0
8.Tiddy Bear for Cancer172,334+60,029+53.5
9.Say Something202,521+64,194+46.4Offline
10.Free Gifts877,072+277,106+46.2SGN
11.Jugement360,515+109,893+43.9Fr\u00e9d\u00e9ric Nieto
12.Quiz Creator917,898+278,991+43.7
13.My Tattoo Wall252,898+73,571+41.0Make The Web Better
14.What every mom needs467,525+129,482+38.3
15.Water Gun Fight!698,126+192,862+38.2
16.80’s Memories Gifts217,580+55,343+34.1
17.Photos and Slideshows123,181+31,316+34.1RockYou!
18.Scriptures & Uplifting Messages!139,340+33,324+31.4
19.Flowers 4 You!!119,088+27,491+30.0Sukaina Hussain
20.Winnie the Pooh410,777+90,589+28.3David Hu

As you can see, the top gainers this week were Valentine’s Day gifting apps. Cool Animated Gifts, Manda un Beso Sexy!!, I Love Chocolate, and Send Love Hearts all grew by about 100% in the last 7 days, as Facebook users turned to Facebook Platform applications to send Valentine’s Day greetings and flirts to their friends.

In addition, SGN’s Free Gifts saw a major resurgence last week, growing by nearly 50%, or over a quarter of a million active users, during Valentine’s Day week.

Meanwhile, LOLApps’s Quiz Creator has been gaining major steam lately as well. The venture-funded company makes white label apps for users to create custom experiences for their friends.

In the French market, Jugement exploded this week by over 40%. It’s like Compare Friends – a simple way to “judge your friends and see what they think of you.”

Finally, Scriptures & Uplifting Messages is one of the few religion-themed applications that we’ve seen grow to this size so quickly. As you may expect, the application lets users send Bible verses to friends.