This Week On Twitter: State Of Social Media, Psychopathic Tweets And How To Get Followers

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at the current state of social media, Twitter’s big win at the T3 awards, what your tweets might reveal about you, advice on how to get more Twitter followers and how you can listen to your Twitter timeline.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. The Current State Of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social media adoption rate continues to grow at a staggering pace as the big four networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ – gobble up the attention and man-hours of brands and users alike. Facebook recently announced they had passed 800 million active users. Twitter has at least 200 million registered profiles (more than 254 million, by my count). LinkedIn has 64 million users in North America alone. And still wet-behind-the-ears Google+ picked up 10 million users in about two weeks.

2. Twitter Takes Home “Digital Service Of The Year” Award At T3

Twitter beat out Facebook, YouTube and Spotify as the best social media site of 2011 at the T3 awards last night. Held in London, the award ceremony saw the famous faces of digital gadgetry gather together to honor the best in tech.

3. Psychopaths Might Give Themselves Away In Their Tweets

We all have personality quirks that show through in our language. Little “tics” that are unique to only us – sometimes showing in slang, other times filler words or sentence structure. And a group of scientists believe they can use these language quirks to not only identify certain personality traits, but to identify psychopaths in the general tweeting population.

4. HOWTO: Get More Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many, Twitter is still a numbers game. Since the platform first opened it doors back in July 2006 a lot of users have been obsessed with accumulating as many followers as possible, often at the expense of basic social media essentials such as engagement and usability. And if you’re one of the frighteningly high number of users who fall foul of the many Twitter bad habits, there’s every chance that each time you update on Twitter all you’re doing is putting more people off.

5. Don’t Want To Read Your Whole Twitter Timeline? Why Not Listen To It Instead?

Life can get pretty busy sometimes. Running to catch the train just in time, catching up on the news while you ride to work, dealing with clients, bosses, meetings, conference calls, and then the email-riddled ride home… there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. And that’s where Tweet Speaker comes in.

6. Mobile Twitter Users Share 3X As Much As Facebook Users

Facebook might be the social behemoth in terms of number of users, but Twitter takes the crown for being the network with the most engagedusers – at least on mobile.

7. Do You Need A Twitter Detox? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you getting quizzical looks from your coworkers when you saunter up to their desks and ask them “#howwasyourweekend”? Or do you find yourself constantly refreshing after sending out a tweet, waiting for the retweets to pour in – and becoming depressed when they don’t?

8. Wake Up with a Tweet: How to Make a Twitter-Controlled Coffee Pot

Maybe we should have saved this post for Monday morning, but it was just too cool to wait: you can rig up your coffee pot to start brewing with a single tweet. Whether you’re on your way home from work or lying lethargically in bed, you can start that fresh aroma floating around your apartment with a little hardware and some cellphone reception.