This Week On Twitter: Changing Your Username, Twitter Ads > Facebook Ads And Social Economics 101

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes 4 reasons why you should consider changing your Twitter username, how Twitter ads earn more per impression than those on Facebook, a look at the value of social data, why letting go is a big part of moving forward on Twitter and how the micro-blogging network has extended its lead as the mainstream media’s social networking darling of choice.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. 4 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Username On Twitter

Did you know that you can change your Twitter username any time that you like? And that it won’t have any negative impact on your Twitter profile? Here are four reasons why you should change your Twitter username right now.

2. Twitter Ads Earn More Money Per Impression Than Facebook Ads [REPORT]

Twitter and Facebook treat their ads very differently. Twitter’s are integrated into users’ timelines, displayed alongside tweets, while Facebook ads appear on the sidebar. And it sounds like Twitter’s strategy is paying off: Twitter is attracting higher cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) than its big brother social counterpart.

3. Social Economics 101 – What Are All Those Tweets, Likes And Pins Actually Worth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s the value of a tweet or a Like? Does a check-in have any legitimate worth to a business? Can you put a price on a userbase – even in the early stages of a network’s development? Social media is still in its infancy, and valuing not much more than 10 years of data isn’t perhaps as straightforward as it sounds. Using publicly-available information, Backupify looked at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Path and others to determine which of these companies, and their social media actions therein, have the greatest value.

4. Why Would ANYONE Unfollow ME On Twitter?

So somebody unfollowed you, huh? How about that. How dare they. The sheer audacity. What on earth can you do?

5. Twitter Widens Gap On Facebook (But Pinterest Is On The Rise) In Monthly Media Coverage [STUDY]

Last December we looked at research that showed how Twitter received more media coverage than any other social network in 2011, receiving approximately 50 percent of all media coverage of social networks throughout the year. Facebook was a close second at 45 percent, with LinkedIn (3.33 percent) a very distant third. But has this trend continued into the first quarter of 2012, or is Twitter’s lofty position under threat from Facebook, and other, rising social platforms such as Pinterest?

6. Is A Twitter Implosion Headed Our Way?

Has Twitter reached its tipping point? No, we’re not talking about the tipping point where you develop a solid following and conversations start happening (read this post to learn more about THAT), we’re talking about Twitter overload. We’re talking about Twitter imploding. Yes, we’re talking about the end of Twitter as we know it. Well, we’re not talking about it, but Jay Baer is in this video.

7. Retweets Actually DO Imply Some Form Of Endorsement, Sorry

Is it time to say goodbye to the all-too-common disclaimer seen on social networking accounts telling us that “retweets do not imply endorsement?” It seems we’re abusing it and using it as an excuse to post whatever we want without consequence. Should this trend continue or should we own up to the fact that you really are what you tweet and like it or not, your retweets DO imply some form of endorsement.

8. Did We Just Witness The First Twitter Commercial?

A smart car company in Argentina claims to have created the very first Twitter-based commercial.