This Week On Twitter: Twitter Ads Beat Facebook Ads, Perfect Social Media, Twitter Sharing Up 43%

This Week On Twitter: Twitter Ads Beat Facebook Ads, Perfect Social Media, Twitter Sharing Up 43%

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We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a study that reveals that Twitter ads generate better click-through rates than Facebook ads, tips on how to create perfect posts across your social media, news that sharing on Twitter grew faster than any other social network in Q1 2014, a marketer’s guide to the social media landscape and the 20 most popular brands on Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Twitter Ads Get More Clicks Than Facebook [STUDY]

In an extensive study of over $37 million in social media ad dollars, social and search advertising agency Resolution Media discovered that not all social ads are created equal: while businesses invested 127 percent more in Facebook in 2013, Twitter ads produced significantly higher click-through-rates.

2. How To Create Perfect Posts On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine And More [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is there such a thing as a perfect social media post? While there’s no “one size fits all” approach for all brands (or, indeed, all social networks), there’s absolutely a perfect post for you, your brand and your audience. And while your mileage may vary, by following certain guidelines and tried-and-tested formulae you can absolutely improve the engagement rates of your social media updates, boosting ROI and driving traffic.

3. Sharing Via Twitter Grew Faster Than Any Other Social Network In Q1 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The first quarter of 2014 was all about Twitter. According to recent stats, sharing via Twitter grew a massive 43 percent compared to last quarter, far surpassing the competition to become the fastest growing network of the year, thus far.

4. Marketer’s Guide To The 2014 Social Media Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube the only platforms that really matter to marketers?‘s CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape is now in its fifth year, and these four social networks are the only mainstays from the first edition of the guide back in 2010. Will Google+, Pinterest and Instagram still be around in another four years? Will Twitter?

5. The 20 Most Popular Brands On Twitter [STATS]

@YouTube remains the top, most-followed brand on Twitter, with its more than 40 million followers placing it well ahead of all other brands, including the official @Twitter profile.

6. 10 Tips To Manage Your Social Media Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has a range of benefits for users, particularly if you carefully manage your profile and ensure that, at all times, the best version of you is on display. After all, the things that you say and do on Twitter and Facebook are visible to others, including employers (current and potential). Say the wrong thing at the wrong time and that big promotion or job offer can so easily disappear. So, have you really taken the time to mind your social footprint?

7. How To Use Hashtags To Boost Your Online Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that studies have shown that tweets with hashtags generate up to double the engagement rate?

8. Twitter Launches Facebook-A-Like Redesign In The Continuing Search For New Users

Today Twitter has announced a radical redesign of profiles that the company hopes will help them both attract and retain new users to the service. While Facebook-like in styling, the new Twitter profiles are significantly slicker in both look and feel than they’ve ever been before, with a greater emphasis being made on photos and popular tweets.

9. Tweeting And Cheating: Twitter Linked To Infidelity And Divorce [STUDY]

Do you tweet to your boo? Whether you’re sending love notes to a new flame or reminding your spouse to take out the trash, a new study suggests that tweeting could be dangerous to the health of your relationship.

10. Turns Out Social Media Use During TV Shows Is Actually Really, Really Small [STUDY]

Much has been made of Twitter’s impact on television – and vice versa – but a new study has suggested that the vast majority of people don’t use social media whilst watching TV, and those that do usually aren’t tweeting about what they’re watching.

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