Top 10 Reasons Not to Learn Multimedia Skills

After reading a post from fave blog The Editorialiste commenting on the troubles of budding multimedia journalists, I understand. Multimedia is hard. It’s different. That’s why I’ve written a list of reasons why you shouldn’t bother with multimedia.

1. The extra hours spent on multimedia will preempt any pressing games of Solitaire.

2. Backpack journalism requires backpacks…which are heavy.

3. Asking a journalist to multitask is like asking Bo Jackson to play more than one sport, I mean come on.

4. The hundreds of voices on a website can’t compare to the two quality experts in a print or broadcast story.

5. Who needs to learn how to record audio when you can write?

6. Interactivity is just a fancy word for communism.

7. There will always be an intern that will do it for cheap.

8. The only code you really need to know is area.

9. Computers cause cancer.

10. Journalism is dead anyway.

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