Top 10 Branded Videos: Dominoes Cleverly Show How Toyota Hybrids Help the Environment

One little step at a time

Toyota hopes its latest campaign touting hybrid and electric cars will get you thinking differently about the technology's long-term impact. 

The global "Toyota Dominoes" spot makes its second appearance on this week's Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded video chart with a fun minute-long spot that flips game pieces so they stand straight in a row instead of flopping over.

Individually, the dominoes represent the incremental impact electric cars have on the environment. But collectively, the ad gives a broad look at how small changes can add up to a greater cause. The automaker's video has been watched 5.8 million times on YouTube, including 380 social shares.

Meanwhile, Marvel is already making a heavy YouTube push for its upcoming "Avengers: Age of Ultron" film, even though it doesn’t premiere until May. The entertainment company has uploaded two clips in the past two weeks, claiming the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the chart. The official trailer has racked up 53.4 million views and more than 146.5 million Facebook and Twitter shares since it was uploaded on Oct. 22. The two-minute behind-the-scenes clip has been watched 8.79 million times on YouTube.

Other notable videos this week include Nike's salute to Lebron James, Air New Zealand's Hobbit-loving spot and a new 30-second clip from Axe instructing young men to transform their hair into "the messy look"—a task likely significantly harder for adolescent guys than the video suggests.

The interactive infographic powered by VidIQ below lets readers watch (and check out the reach of) all of this week's videos.

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