Columnist: Californians Should ‘Declare War’ on Jimmy Fallon

JoeMathewsZocaloPublicSquarePicLook out. In his latest column, Zócalo Public Square editor Joe Mathews (pictured) fast-jams the Jimmy Fallon news. Contrary to Jay Leno’s repeated good wishes for his successor, including a conversation between the two during The Tonight Show‘s final west coast week, Mathews thinks Fallon may well be the state’s Congenial Enemy Number One. Here’s the first two paragraphs:

It’s dangerous for a people to declare one man their enemy and hunt him down. It’s unwise for a state to scapegoat one man for its problems.

Nevertheless, I think California should make an exception and declare war on Jimmy Fallon.

No thank-you note for this guy! Mathews’ main reason for a call to late-night arms is not the loss of jobs in the San Fernando Valley, the inevitable decline of Burbank tourism or the move’s symbolic reflection of California runaway production (a boondoggle that recently led LA mayor Eric Garcetti to turn to powerhouse entertainment attorney Ken Ziffren).

Rather, he suggests that the relocation of The Tonight Show is an act of war towards The Golden State because California politicians will no longer be able to conveniently drop by to discuss salient state matters. Leno was definitely a keen follower of local and national politics; it will be interesting to see if Fallon follows that lead with more TV time for people like New York mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mathews is not suggesting that Californians start boycotting all things New York. He, for one, would find it too difficult to do without NYC bagels and New York Times Weddings announcements. To the columnist’s credit, his path for remedying the late-night imbalance is far more constructive. To find out what Mathews is suggesting, read on.

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