Actress Toni Collette Lands in the 90038

The best L.A. celebrity real estate scoops continue to be found at The Real Estalker, a sublime Blogspot page run by someone who prefers to call themselves Your Mama.

Today’s intriguing news, via source Lucy Spillerguts, is that Australian actress Toni Collette and her husband have opted not for Beverly Hills or Los Feliz for a pied-a-terre but rather the more atypical celebrity zip of 90038. Maybe some of the tattooed sensibilities of Collette’s United States of Tara creator-producer Diablo Cody have rubbed off. Writes Mama:

Many Real Estates might try to call this neighborhood Hancock Park adjacent or maybe West Hollywood adjacent, while real estate snobs – the sorts of folks who can’t bear to drive their Bentley’s east of La Cienega unless it’s north of Sunset Boulevard – will consider this neck of LalaLand the ‘hood. But it’s not. It really isn’t.

It’s a lovely, leafy street in a somewhat unremarkable and unfussy but well-kept and, generally speaking, safe section of Los Angeles. For what it’s worth – and it ain’t worth a cookie jar – Your Mama much prefers a residence that leans towards humble rather than big and brassy, so we’d live there without complaint.

Mama reveals that it took 18 months of repeated de-listing and re-listing before Collette finally snapped up, for $1.33 million, the 1924 Spanish abode, previously purchased as a $650,000 “fixer-upper” in March of 2008. In deference to Ms. Collette though, Mama may want to take down the front-view photo of the home displayed in her blog post. We think it potentially gives away a bit too much about the exact location of the residence.