Tomorrow Magazine Launches with Tons of Content

This week marks the launch of Tomorrow magazine, the rebound publication put together by the gang of GOOD hard workers suddenly and rudely jettisoned earlier this year. It’s online and in the mail, the result of a thrilling, Kickstarter-assisted process:

From the first meetings in our de facto HQ, a rustic Echo Park cabin, we had more ideas than we knew what to do with. Our call for contributions resulted in hundreds of pitches and offers to design or illustrate or help with fact-checking. Thanks to this outpouring of creativity and support, we’ve been able to fill these pages with stories, arguments and art that hopefully express the beautiful weirdness of the cultural, political and economic moment in which we find ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we live in the future, that the things we find commonplace were mere notions just a few decades ago. Tomorrowland is what we called our temporary office, but it’s the country we live in, too: high-tech, post-national, gender-bending, race-mixing, egalitarian and ready for whatever comes next. Funny. Sexy. Strange.

Content is cleverly grouped under the headings of “Morning,” “Day” and “Evening” (“Evening” index pictured above). Within each colorful section is a plethora of inviting features. Too many to mention. Too much fun for one publication.

That said, one of FishbowlLA’s immediate first-issue favorites is “Terminally Chill” by Tess Lynch. The Grantland contributor puts forth a delightful defense of Internet procrastination, via a site that offers a REALLY GOOD avenue for that activity. Today, tomorrow and beyond. The 112-page print edition sells for $12 or, if you thrown in the matching Tote bag, $22.

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