Tommi Lewis Tilden Comes Clean About the Green

Tommi Lewis Tilden, the Green Carpet (we actually thought about typing muncher, but stopped, just in time) maven, leaps to remind us that Jason Alexander is just a big joker.

he was completely joking by saying Las Vegas is the eco capital–and it was my mistake not to put it in quotes, or I should have written: joked Alexander.

TLT goes on:

Jason and his wife Daena are huge environmentalists and he is fully aware that Vegas is not exactly a green city (except where money is concerned and I think that may explain his pun). It just happens to be where he’s headed for July 4, and he is an activist, so I wanted to include him in the column. AND I guarantee that if he does win any money, it will go to those causes.


So, naturally FBLA wants to know more about this whole green gossip machine. We asked, she told.

How’d you get the gig?

I found out about the site right before it launched and contacted the creator, Deborah Barrow–we worked together when I was eic of TEEN magazine and on projects for TV Guide Publishing. We came up with the green Hollywood blog instantly because she was looking to expand content– I have a longtime entertainment background, live in Los Angeles, and a strong interest in eco issues–so it all came together.

Best part?

Being able to shine a positive light on Hollywood and the celebs that deserve it. The Inconvenient Truth would not been made without Hollywood support. The Prius wouldn’t be the hottest-selling hybrid without Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” product placement or stars like Cameron Diaz waxing poetic about it to the media. And TV eco programs would barely exist without activities Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel. Many stars (like Leonardo di Caprio, Ed Norton, Daryl Hannah, Pierce Brosnan and Alicia Silverstone) were on the eco bandwagon well before anyone was really listening. The fact that the world is now getting involved is due, in part, to the awareness that these stars (and people in the industry) work hard to generate.

Writing something weekly is a challenge. It’s not about the lack of material–there’s a ton out there to cover–but it’s still a matter of getting the interviews, researching, and writing it up. My hope is that celebrities–and their publicists–will see the benefit of participating and make getting information and quotes a little easier. I’m open to getting tips, quotes and info at:

FBLA reminds our readers that we like tips, too. So if you see some movie star pouring motor oil into a storm drain, tell us, not Tommi.