Transplanted Photographer Fashions Unique Rogues’ Gallery

For many years, Tom LeGoff was based in New York City and making a large part of his living with celebrity portrait work. However, now that he’s an MFA student at the University of Louisville, he has pointed the camera at some famous folks there.


Running through December 4 at Mo McKnight Howe‘s Revelry Boutique Gallery, “Louisville Noir” filters notable locals – including the mayor, Greg Fischer – through the prism of familiar film noir characters. From a recent report by WFPL 89.3 FM:

LeGoff started shooting portraits for this collection in October 2013 after he working on a darker project for a magazine. LeGoff said the magazine’s editors ultimately wanted him to change his vision to something more open and cheerful.

“I get it, I’ve been an editorial photographer for a long time — but after that I was kind of like ‘Screw it, I want to do my own thing,’” LeGoff said. “Quite honestly, I had been watching a lot of True Detective, and I started watching Chinatown and Sin City. I’ve always liked noir.”

There are 12 portraits in all, encompassing the femme fatale, the enforcer, the informer and more. Genius.

[Image via: Facebook]