Tom Cruise divorce attorney knew of Pellicano wiretaps: NY Times

The hits keep on coming from Halbfinger and Weiner:

Bombshell news today in the NY Times that links Dennis Wasser of Wasser, Cooperman & Carter, the divorce bulldog for Tom Cruise and former MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian: tomphone.jpg

“A divorce lawyer-to-the-stars who frequently hired the private detective Anthony Pellicano was aware of at least one instance of his illegal wiretapping, an F.B.I. agent has said in a confidential investigative summary seen by The New York Times.

In addition, Mr. Pellicano told his girlfriend last year that the divorce lawyer “had received wiretap information” from him in another case, an F.B.I. agent wrote after interviewing her.

The divorce lawyer, Dennis M. Wasser, whose clients have included the actor Tom Cruise and the MGM mogul Kirk Kerkorian, is among the most prominent Hollywood figures under scrutiny in the nearly four-year federal investigation of Mr. Pellicano, who was charged in February with wiretapping and conspiracy.”

We are officially freaking out, repeat, freaking out: Every A list celeb divorce of the last ten years might come out in the wash here. The Smoking Gun guys must be salivating like a pack of rabid poodles.