THR Reviews Tom Cruise-David Miscavige as a Bad ‘Bromance’

With Tony Ortega having (at least, temporarily) suspended his daily blog missives about the Church of Scientology, it’s up to other outlets to pick up the e-meter slack. This morning, that honor belongs to Hollywood Reporter contributor Dana Kennedy:

The headline is a reference to a quote from ex-Scientologist Marc Headley, who deems Tom Cruise’s relationship with embattled church leader David Miscagive to be “the most intense, expensive bromance in history.” Later on in the article, Headley’s wife Claire repeats some damaging claims that the “bromance” is built on a lie, and that behind Cruise’s back, Miscavige has repeatedly mocked the actor.

To THR and Kennedy’s credit, they have included several responses in the article from church spokesperson Karin Pouw, who denies all charges. A lot of what’s in this article is already familiar to those who closely follow blog coverage of the church. Still, it’s today’s reminder of just now pock-marked the once bullet-proof PR shield that surrounded Cruise has become. (Veteran publicist Howard Bragman says there’s a big difference between a controversy and a true PR crisis, insisting that this still remains the former for Cruise.)

Read the full piece here.