Tom Brokaw Reminds: The Academy Doesn’t Always Reward the Right Stuff

TheRightStuffHave you caught up yet with Tom Brokaw’s weekday syndicated radio blast “An American Story”? If not, you should.

Brokaw has been applying a veteran newsman’s perspective to a wide range of news and pop culture topics. He’s been recording these since last fall and they never fail to entertain, inform.

Today, Brokaw highlighted a point that we have made again and again over the years. Because there are so many more worthy candidates each year than the Academy Awards process can possibly accommodate, the list of overlooked films, performers and craftspeople grows longer each year. The mistake many people make is to hold the Oscars exclusively accountable for this; simple mathematics deserves an equal share of the blame.

Brokaw says the first time he had a problem with the Oscar nominations or wins for Best Picture was when Battleground failed to make the 1949 nominations cut. From there, he ran down a list of other personal omissions including the failure of nominees The Right Stuff and There Will Be Blood to take home the big prize. Like many of us, Brokaw sometimes chooses not to drink the AMPAS milkshake.

[Photo courtesy: Warner Bros.]