Today’s RSS Leftovers

Here’s what MJD passed on today:

The Washington Post‘s new feature about the intelligence community in government went live today, under fanfare and criticism. While administration officials have likened it to “roadmap to our enemies,” WaPo’s Marcus Brauchli defends the feature and its efforts to safely publish the information. “Whenever we believe our reporting may imperil national security or public safety, we seek input from the government or other industries that may be affected, so we can make sound judgments about what to publish,” said Brauchli to Yahoo’s Michael Calderone.

– The co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, Alan Mruvka has launched a celebrity online network. It’s called the Look, and it has taken three years for Mruvka to launch the site. That seems like a long time for a web start-up, but he has already raised $10 million dollars for the project. Mruvka describes it as a mix between E! and the Style Network.

– The decision for Helen Thomas’s vacant White House briefing room seat will come August 2. The likely winner will either be Fox News or Bloomberg News, both of which have lobbied hard for the seat.

– When you potentially have the best basketball player in the world (Lebron James) coming to town, and/or the second best (Dwayne Wade, depending on who you ask) leaving town, sports becomes a statewide and national story. The Miami Herald decided to tackle the news together, which is not something you necessarily see anymore. “The Heat coverage has been very much a group effort for The Herald,” wrote executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal. “Almost the entire sports staff, led by Sports Editor Jorge Rojas, has contributed.”