Today’s RSS Leftovers

Here’s what MJD passed on today:
– The battle has intensified between Tucker Carlson and MSNBC’s liberal talking head Keith Olbermann. Carlson, a conservative pundit and the editor-in-chief of the Daily Caller, has announced that the site he runs has purchased the domain name Carlson has even begun using the email address Not surprisingly, the real Olbermann was none too pleased.
– Penthouse publisher FriendFinder Networks has offered $210 million for Playboy Enterprises, in a proposal sent to Playboy’s board of directors today. Earlier this week, Playboy creator Hugh Hefner offered to purchase all outstanding shares of Playboy and take it private again, valuing the company at $185 million. Playboy’s board said it would give FriendFinder’s proposal “appropriate consideration.”
Bloomberg BusinessWeek grabs a huge tech writer, pulling reporter Brad Stone away from The New York Times. Stone worked as a tech correspondent for the NYT since 2006, where he uncovered the writer behind the “Fake Steve Jobs” blog.
– Finally, sometimes a news anchor can be a little too honest on the air. In a news cast in Texas, a local channel ran a story about the famed chupacabra. One anchor asks, “What would it be, if we didn’t have a story about a chupacabra?” The other anchor responds, “It would not be a ratings month-I’m sorry, can I say that?” No, you probably shouldn’t.
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