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Washington Post: Secret Service Defends Shoe Response

Washington Examiner: Fairfax budget shortfall nears $650 million

N.Y. Times: Colonoscopies Miss Many Cancers, Study Finds

L.A. Times: Primary care doctors struggling to survive

USA Today: Bankruptcy wouldn’t stop shoppers from buying U.S. cars

Politico: Pelosi lays down the law with Rahm

ABC News: Case Closed: Police ID Adam Walsh Killer

CBS News: A Second Mortgage Disaster On The Horizon?

Fox News: Child Writes to Santa, Asks for Molestation to End

CNN: Police: Drifter killed Adam Walsh in 1981

Wall Street Journal: Madoff Ran Vast Options Game

MSNBC: Police: 1981 killing of Adam Walsh solved

Congressional Quarterly: Minnesota Recount Enters Crucial Phase Tuesday

NPR: NPR Listeners Pick The Year’s Best Music

Roll Call: Reid Announces Committee Chairmanships for 111th