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Washington Post: You Report, We Marginalize

Washington Examiner: Is student cynicism dead?

N.Y. Times: Law Firms Feel Strain of Layoffs and Cutbacks

L.A. Times: How we discovered the be-all, end-all turkey recipe

USA Today: Stump time again in states with close races

Politico: Barone: Media wanted Palin abortion

ABC News: McCain Jokes With Leno in First Appearance Since Loss

CBS News: Hard Times, But Big Wall Street Bonuses

Fox News: Lindsay Lohan Calls Obama First ‘Colored President’ in Interview

CNN: President Palin? Alaska governor ponders her future

Wall Street Journal: Forgetting Has Its Benefits

MSNBC: Paulson shifts course, won’t buy troubled assets

Congressional Quarterly: CQ Transcript: Gov Sarah Palin Interviewed on NBC’s “Today Show”

NPR: Jarrett Offers Glimpse Into Obama Administration

Roll Call: Cornyn Courts NRSC Votes

Bloomberg: Paulson Shifts Focus of Rescue to Consumer Lending