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Washington Post: Accuracy Of Polls a Question In Itself

Washington Examiner: Leaving behind NCLB, not children

N.Y. Times: Maureen Dowd: For Your Consideration

L.A. Times: Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama

USA Today: Presidential poll tracker

Politico: Obama infomercial: Smart or overkill?

ABC News: Hate Groups Riled Up Over Prospect of President Obama

CBS News: Palin Target Of New Ethics Complaint

Fox News: Calif. Newlywed Killed by Police in Case of Mistaken Identity

CNN: Palin’s future causes Republican rift

Wall Street Journal: The Markets Are Weak Because the Candidates Are Lousy

MSNBC: McCain criticizes paper for not releasing tape

NPR: McCain Losing Ground In Arizona

Roll Call: McConnell Calls on Stevens to Resign

Bloomberg: Goldman Names 94 Partners in Worst Wall Street Year