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Washington Post: Longtime Mall Santa Out in the Cold

Washington Examiner: Yeas & Nays: Sir Bob goes to bat for Bush

N.Y. Times: Maureen Dowd: Moved by a Crescent

L.A. Times: Raid targets Mongols motorcycle gang

USA Today: Early voting a boost for Dems

Politico: RNC shells out $150K for Palin fashion

ABC News: The Note: Pit Bull’s Bite

CBS News: $150G From GOP For Fashions For Palins?

Fox News: Hunt Is on for Missing Missouri Teens Who Vanished During Football Game

CNN: Ex-GOP operative tells cautionary tale about ‘how to rig an election’

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Obama and the Tax Tipping Point

MSNBC: Barack Obama has a trump card

NPR: Did Obama Kill Public Campaign Finance?

Roll Call: Prosecution Wraps; Case Goes to Jury

U.S. News & World Report: Despite Sympathy for Barack Obama’s Grandmother, He’s Still Wrong on Wright