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Washington Post: Party Like It’s 1964

Washington Examiner: Quin-essential cases: No Righting Voting Wrongs in Ohio

N.Y. Times: Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings

L.A. Times: An eroding model for health insurance

USA Today: Plague emerges in Grand Canyon, kills biologist

Politico: ‘I never called all liberals anti-American’

ABC News: Majority of States Now in Recession

CBS News: Poll: Obama Gained During Debates

Fox News: Arkansas Television Anchor Attacked in Home

CNN: Woman: ‘They wanted to destroy my body and spirit’

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Bernanke Endorses Obama

MSNBC: Hikers find ‘abominable snowman’ footprints

Congressional Quarterly: Self-inflicted Wound Puts Bachmann in Jeopardy

NPR: Anatomy Of A Campaign Rally: John McCain

Roll Call: Schumer Signals Longer Lame-Duck Session

U.S. News & World Report: John McCain Is Fighting Back Once Again in the Presidential Race