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Washington Post: Palin Delivers, But Doubts Linger

Washington Examiner: Metro operator’s Redskins celebration causes complaints

N.Y. Times: Editorial: The Vice-Presidential Debate

L.A. Times: Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan

USA Today: Fact check: Context of key debate claims

Politico: Palin clears bar, still falls short

ABC News: Biden, Palin Avoid Major Gaffes in Economy, Foreign Policy Debate

CBS News: CBS Poll: Uncommitted Voters Say Biden Won

CNN: Woman, 90, shoots self inside foreclosed home

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Palin and Populism

MSNBC: Bush signs $700 billion financial bailout bill

Congressional Quarterly: The Vice Presidential Debate: CQ Politics’ Bests and Mosts

NPR: Ex-CIA Operative Discusses ‘The Devil We Know’

Roll Call: Rescue Plan Passes Easily

Bloomberg: Wells Fargo’s Wachovia Bid Sparks Takeover Feud With Citigroup

U.S. News & World Report: Why Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda Might Try to Affect the Election Between Barack Obama and John McCain