Today’s Most Popular Stories 02.18.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for February 18, 2010:

Washington Post: Faith complicates a young mother’s life-or-death decision on lung transplant

Washington Times: Cheney in surprise CPAC visit: Obama is ‘one-term’

Washington Examiner: With Dems sinking, GOP better come up with a plan

USA Today: Small plane crashes into IRS building in Texas

CQ Politics: Tight Contest in Vermont

The Hill: In surprise speech, Cheney says Obama will last one term

Politico: At CPAC, a new conservative order

ABC News: Duke Rape Accuser: ‘I’m Going to Stab You [Expletive]!’

CBS News: Man Angry at IRS Crashes Plane into Office

Fox News: Troubling Portrait Emerges of Pilot Who Crashed Into Texas Building

MSNBC News: Vonn crashes, fails to win super-combined

CNN: Texas plane crash pilot: ‘I have just had enough’

Wall Street Journal: Broad New Hacking Attack Detected

NPR: Plane Crashes Into IRS Office In Texas

Roll Call: Cheney Surprises at CPAC, Says Obama Will Be a One-Termer

National Journal: Obama Creates Debt Panel; GOP Wary

Bloomberg News: Fed Raises Discount Rate by Quarter-Point to 0.75%

Gallup.Com: Americans More Divided on Strength of National Defense

Talking Points Memo: Crash Pilot Appears To Have Written Anti-IRS, Anti-Corporate Screed

Politics Daily: Department of Homeland Security Officers Lose Nearly 300 Guns

Reuters: Greek MPs lash out at Germany over debt crisis

The New Republic: Washington Diarist