Today’s Bloopers

Slate’s “Today’s Papers” has beef with two things from, well, today’s papers (emphasis added):

  • “Each of the papers takes a different tack with the story. The NYT leads with people in Balad criticizing the U.S. military for not doing enough to stop the bloodshed; apparently the GIs in that area have stood down, and the Iraqi police are not really standing up. The problem is that Shiites dominate the police, a fact that the NYT does not mention. The Post does, and it quotes a Sunni police official in the area accusing the Shiite-dominated police of complicity in the attacks on Sunni citizens.

    “The Post (which illustrates its story, misleadingly, with a photo of a burning British military vehicle in Basra, in Iraq’s far south) works in President Bush making a friendly call to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki telling him to not believe ‘rumors’ (in spokesman Tony Snow’s words) that the U.S. had privately given him a two-month timetable to shape up. Only the LAT mentions that this two-month deadline is not just a rumor; the U.S. ambassador to Iraq mentioned it a couple of weeks ago on CNN.”

  • The NYT also visits a Republican fund-raiser in Kansas and finds, lo and behold, that people like Dick Cheney. And then puts it on the front page. This patronizing thumbsucker of a story is somewhat redeemed, however, by the inclusion of a 6-year-old girl who is obsessed with Cheney. Kids these days …”