Toby Young’s Alternative Oscar Suggestions


Graydon Carter’s worst staffing mistake Toby Young has come up with some alternative WGA strike suggestions — and no doubt, a touch of VF-inspired schadenfreude — for the Oscar ceremonies in The Guardian, including:

”The WGA Oscars

”As a gesture of goodwill, NBC could turn over this year’s telecast to the WGA, which could organise its own Academy awards. Categories would include ‘most supportive actor,’ ‘biggest Hollywood ally’ and ‘best picture (of a celebrity standing in a picket line).’ Trouble is, George Clooney would win everything going.”

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”The red-carpet Oscars

”NBC could dispense with all the boring bits and just organise a red-carpet fashion show outside the Kodak, in which the nominees parade up and down in their frocks and tuxes before getting back into their limos and going home. In the end, it’s all about the dresses.”

(image via bbc)