To Capture Smaller Advertisers, Colorado Springs Paper Launches Itty Bitty Free One

When others are thinking online, some are thinking lean, mean, and dead tree. On May 6, the Colorado Springs Gazette will launch a free, four-day-a-week paper that combines original reporting, readers’ stories, wire stories and content repurposed from the parent paper, the Gazette announced yesterday. The paper’s motivation is ostensibly to create a vehicle that can attract ads from companies that may not have the budget to advertise in the big paper.

“The Gazette has this huge footprint and only a small portion of it is relevant to a small business,” Gazette publisher Steve Pope said.

While this venture, named Ink, seems unlikely to create any new jobs traditionally associated with the launch of a new product, if it’s successful, it may save some jobs at the Gazette (which is not publicly held so we’re not sure how much money they’ve lost this year).