To Build A Better Death Trap

Are you ready to make your millions by stepping into the paranoid, terrifying world of the “keeping kids safe” design market? Well read this first sentence from a recent article we found by the AP: ” With more than 24,000 U.S. children treated for shopping cart-related injuries last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics says better designs and stricter government regulation are needed.” That’s right. For some reason, every day there are nearly 70 children across this country going to the emergency room because grocery carts aren’t designed very well. Hard to believe, as we’ve certainly never seen any of this at what is clearly the leading home of child carnage. And what plays best with voters and grant committees? Yep: helping cute children not get their limbs taken from them. So if you’ve always had that one really solid grocery cart design in mind, but didn’t have the impetus to get started right away, consider this post our gift to you.

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