TNR’s Layoffs Up to Six

The New Republic announced today that it has completed layoffs and the total count is: six. Two full-time editorial staffers have been let go; three staff writers are becoming contractors and a final part-time writer’s job has been eliminated.

Senior Editor Chris Orr was among the layoffs, as reported Tuesday by Politico.

TNR is not formally releasing the names of the six people affected by the cuts. If they choose to come forward and name themselves they are free to do so.

“Some will retain titles with The New Republic and will continue to to write for us on a freelance basis,” said Publisher Mike Rancilio through TNR Spokeswoman Elizabeth Thorp.

Everything was afflux Monday with good reason, says Thorp: “They wanted to talk to people who are staying. They were trying to make the math work to save as many people as they could.”