Get Ready for the ‘TMZ Hollywood Tour’

Presumably, once the new TMZ tour buses start rolling around Hollywood May 1st, a scheduled stop will be the show and website’s headquarters at Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvds. After all, right across the street is Hyde and The Laugh Factory, where Michael Richards and an astute cell phone owner combined to give Harvey Levin ‘s crew an infamous bit of celebrity bad behavior.

Media commentators like Andrew Wallenstein are reacting with awe at the synergistic genius of today’s announced partnership between TMZ and Starline Tours, as they should. The new venture is a license to print more gossip-soaked money. From the release:

Members of the TMZ TV show will appear in video vignettes, offering up an inside look at Hollywood’s most well-kept secrets and biggest stories.

The tour guides, armed with cameras, could at any time turn the experience into the ultimate “TMZ” moment when they encounter celebrities and use state of the art technology to send the footage directly back to the TMZ newsroom for constant updates to the website and TV show.

Radar Online, the ball’s in your court. Helicopter tours, maybe?