TMZ Concocts a Game Show

South of Wilshire is hosted by veteran videographer Adam Glyn.

New Jersey Advance Media TV writer Vicki Hyman has the skinny on South of Wilshire, a TMZ game show spinoff debuting tonight in select markets for an eight-week test run. It’s hosted by New Jersey native and veteran TMZ cameraman Adam Glyn.

As is the case with many TMZ-related matters, the program can be tracked back to a playful beginning:

The show grew out of a dare undertaken by Harvey Levin to get his hair trimmed at an inner-city [Los Angeles] barbershop. Levin learned that a number of celebrities frequented the barbershop, and so he sent Glyn around to the restaurants, bars, churches, gyms and tattoo parlors in Compton, Inglewood and other less-than-glitzy neighborhoods to discover other secret celebrity haunts. Glyn interviews the owners about their clientele, then plays the edited video packages for the South of Wilshire contestants, who must guess the identify of the star.

All that’s left now is for Alex Trebek and-or Pat Sajak to be one of the celebrity answers. The game show, produced in partnership with Telepictures, plays out at soul food restaurant Dulan’s on Crenshaw. Glyn, when not on the west coast taping episodes, remains based in New York, where he also pursues stand-up comedy.

In addition to the usual YouTube channel, there is also a very cool Soundcloud page featuring samples of some of the local musical acts and artists featured on the show. The tagline for the associated label’s page: ‘It is what it is. South of Wilshire. In the hood, not Hollywood.’

Update (Feb. 19):
There seems to be a bit of a problem. We had assumed per the last paragraph above that TMZ was partnered with South of Wilshire Records on this project. However, today, the CEO of South of Wilshire Records-TV-Tours posted the following message on Facebook:

Raising funds to initiate a lawsuit against Warner Bros. After speaking to the lead trademark attorney for Warner Bros. for over two weeks on my own without an attorney, with the hopes of Warner Bros. wanting to do what’s right/legal, have led to Warner Bros. making me a disrespectful proposal that I had NO other course of action but to hire an attorney. After my attorney reached out to Warner Bros. trademark attorney, they stated to my attorney that because TMZ started a TV Show the law says it is totally OK for them to steal my name, logo and turn my YouTube TV show into their own show. Really. OK.

Like Denzel Washington said in Training Day, I’m puttin cases on all u muthafuckaz:

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