Tips for the Chronically Tardy

timerIf you’ve ever been late to the office occasionally, that’s no big deal. As for chronic tardiness? Um, big deal.

Here’s the situation as per a piece in The New York Post. An employee has been written up a few times about being late to work. Sure, there’s a long commute involved and timing can vary up to 45 minutes each time. Although someone else on staff is often late, she hasn’t been reprimanded. What gives?For starters, as pointed out in the piece, you never know what conversations are going on behind closed doors with your boss and other colleagues. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others but your boss may have “different arrangements for different people.” Let it go.

Rules impacting how they treat employees must be the same for everyone but let’s get back to the real issue here, tardiness. As in, your employer has an issue with yours.

The solution, says Greg Giangrande, is to leave early enough every day to account for the unpredictable commute. Another recommendation? Get a job closer to home.

He adds, “If you’re an outstanding employee, your employer may also consider allowing you to have a flexible work schedule — but that is at your manager’s discretion.”