Tip: Prevent Bent Spoons! Use the iPhone Timer

Have you ever bent a spoon in rock hard frozen yogurt or ice cream because you were too lazy to search for a real ice cream scoop with a reinforced handle? I certainy have.

I recall hearing a food scientist speaking on some radio program (I think it was Science Friday) that letting ice cream at room temperature for a few minutes lets it melt it enough to be soft and easy to scoop. The problem is that I know I would forget about the ice cream container if I left it on the counter and walked away. The solution? Every iPhone comes with a clock app with a count down timer function. I set mine to 3 minutes, clip the iPhone to my belt (or put it in my pocket), walk away and come running back to easily scoop the ice cream after the timer goes off. The result? No more bent spoons.

Having a time on you is extremely useful. I use it for all kinds of short term events like reminders to check on large file downloads or even a brief power nap on the weekend afternoon. I was surprised that Apple left the clock app (and its timers/alarms) off of the iPad. It would be just as handy there as it is on an iPhone. Fortunately, there are third party apps for the iPad to fill this function hold.