Tiny Invaders Lands on iOS, Gets iPhone 4S Announcement Bump

British developer Hogrocket, founded by staff members from the now-defunct Geometry Wars studio Bizarre Creations, must be pretty pleased with Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement. That’s not because the game is specially optimized for Apple’s new phone. Instead, it’s because Apple featured Tiny Invaders, the company’s first game, during its reveal of the device.

This comes on the heels of Hogrocket making Tiny Invaders free on the App Store. The game is already getting a widely positive response from reviewers, and for good reason. Its gameplay is fresh and its visual style even more so.

In the game, players control an army of tiny aliens who are invading the earth one person at a time on a microscopic level. The creatures must travel through blood vessels collecting orbs, with players able to re-route pathways in order to get them where they need to go. Tapping the invaders speeds them up, which is essential since the player’s score is based on earning three stars per level and, if they take too long, these stars are lost.

Some levels incorporate special orbs, such as those that produce more invaders when collected. So players need to plan their strategy around grabbing certain orbs first in order to complete the level as quickly as possible. Game Center leaderboards are included so that players can compare their best times against their friends’ scores and the world.

Hogrocket hasn’t said how long it will be offering Tiny Invaders for free, but the title seemed to be reviewing and selling well even when it was retailing for $3.99.

You can follow Tiny Invaders’ progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.