Tina Brown Profiled in Upcoming New York Times Magazine

Maybe if there’s enough articles written about Tina Brown, eventually Newsweek will become profitable. If that’s the key, another step toward the that goal was accomplished in the upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine.

There isn’t much new in the massive piece, but we do learn that Brown thinks that featuring expensive crap is key to Newsweek’s success:

There’s a great kind of high-low, newsy, sexy thing that the European newsmagazines have. They have this great sort of slightly freewheeling pagination, where they go from a great sexy picture of an expensive watch to Libya or something. So I’d like to have more of that feeling in Newsweek. I think that’s a great thing for a magazine, because that’s where we all sort of are now, we’re all multiplatformed, everything’s messed up with everything else.

Never mind that 95 percent of the country can’t afford the items that are featured (a $6,500 Audi bike, a $10,000 Burberry coat), the Europeans do it, so it’s perfect for Newsweek!

We want Newsweek to succeed, but good lord, sometimes Brown can be exhausting.