Time’s Scherer Could Impact FNC Getting Helen’s Seat (Or Not…)

As most of us know by now, The Daily Caller came out with another Journolist installment this morning — this one has Time‘s Michael Scherer opining on Fox News in what could be construed as both positive and negative remarks.
What some may not be aware of is that Scherer recently landed a spot on the board of the White House Correspondents’ Association. This means he could be in a position to ultimately say who gets Helen Thomas’s seat in the White House briefing room. Politics Daily writer Matt Lewis writes about why he believes Scherer should recuse himself when decision time comes.
Read the story here.
> Update: From a Time spokesperson: “Michael Scherer fully disputes The Daily Caller‘s account, which selectively quotes his emails and takes his comments about the changing news landscape entirely out of context. In his emails he vocally opposes any suggestions to restrict Fox News.”
What did Scherer say about FNC? Read it after the jump…

Scherer: Roger “Ailes understands that his job is to build a tribal identity, not a news organization. You can’t hurt Fox by saying it gets it wrong, if Ailes just uses the criticism to deepen the tribal identity.”
He also strongly questioned fellow Journalisters when the idea of the White House not issuing FNC press passes was posed.