Times‘ Managing Editor Gets Her News From Kids Who Get Their News From The Daily Show

jill_abramson_yale.jpgJill Abramson, Yale professor and New York Times managing editor, via the Yale Herald:

YH: You’ve said that you want to learn about the news consumption of college-age students, and I think that’s really interesting because we’re a strange bunch.

JA: No! You’re hardly strange, and you’ll be the next generation that traditional journalism needs to capture to stay alive. Learning about your news consumption habits is one of my goals in teaching at Yale. When I was teaching a class at Princeton in 2000, many of my students got their news from Jon Stewart‘s The Daily Show. So I was introduced very early on to The Daily Show.

YH: Do you still watch Jon Stewart?

JA: I watch Jon Stewart every night, and Stephen Colbert.

YH: One of the ways I get news is by looking at the “Most Blogged” tag on the Times website. It directly calls attention to how the New York Times is going to interface with the blogosphere.

JA: Which is huge. Some worry that the dominance of the Internet has disrupted the business model of newspapers, but I see it presenting us with a great challenge. That challenge is to publish the best newspaper in the world — which still makes a nice amount of money and has a very avid readership — but also to develop what I think is the best news site on the web, and to be terrific at both. The Internet has made us more creative and more competitive in many ways.

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