TIME’s Gray Departing Detroit

Rick Stengel announced this morning that Steve Gray, TIME‘s current bureau chief of Assignment Detroit, is moving to Washington to cover politics and policy in November. Welcome back to Washington, Steve! Internal memo below:

“I’m pleased to announce that Steve Gray, who has performed superbly as the bureau chief of Assignment Detroit over the past year, will join our Washington team in November, covering politics and policy. Living at our house in Detroit, Steve has been a one-man band of journalistic and managerial roles: correspondent, spokesman, conference planner, and dinner host. His journalism, capturing the mix of hope and despair we found in the Motor City, has found multiple audiences. For TIME and TIME.com, he profiled the mayor, the school administrator, the police chief and a medical-marijuana educator, among others. For FORTUNE, he wrote stories about philanthropists and entrepreneurs. One of his favorite moments in Detroit, he says, was interviewing local resident Aretha Franklin, who put her own spin on why she hasn’t been on a plane since a flight in 1982: “The flight was dipsy-doodling up and down all the way home.” Steve, a native of New Orleans who has no such reservations about travel, somehow found time in his busy year to help us cover the gulf oil spill with intrepid reporting from the scene. A graduate of Howard University and former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, Steve reported for TIME from Chicago before taking up residence in Detroit. Please join me in congratulating him on his new assignment.”